Shipyard Paydates


Shipyard pay period ending 9/29 will be paid on 10/4/2019.
Pay period ending 10/13 will be paid on 10/18.
Pay period ending 10/27 will be paid on 11/1.
Pay period ending 11/10 will be paid on 11/15.

September Draws


The September Draws went out on Tuesday, 10/1/19. We did not have the Sea Store records in time so we had to estimate those numbers. If your SS charges are too high, they will be refunded to you on the Final Settlement check in a couple of weeks. All of your B season pay info will be mailed with your settlement backup so make sure we have your correct address by Friday, 10/4. If you have any questions please contact

Check in for A Season


All FACTORY PROCESSING CREW: Please be sure to email or call 206-441-1990 on DECEMBER 4th if you wish to be included on the A Season crew roster. Backload will start January 6th and contracts will be on January 12th.

Final Settlements


The final settlements will go out 21 days after the Golden Alaska ties up in Seattle at the end of the season. Some of you had too much Sea Stores deducted from the Sept. Draw. The overcharge will be returned to you in the settlements. Please direct all payroll questions to:

B Season!


The M/V Golden Alaska wrapped up three trips of Hake on 6/19. They left Pier 90 on 6/20, took their first fish on June 26th. The final offload of the partial trip #10 was Sept.18. The last day of the season was September 23rd.

Paychex Online


Don't forget: You can sign on to Paychex and make changes or access your paystubs and W-2s any time!