Trip 7 is Going Well


It seems like it slows down in the mornings but they are still doing well near Dutch. We anticipate 7th Offload to be next Monday, Aug 26th if fishing continues as it is.

August Draws


The August Draws will go out on August 30th. They should include Trips 4, 5 and 6. Maybe also Trip 7 if fishing continues to go fast.

B Season!


The M/V Golden Alaska wrapped up three trips of Hake on 6/19. They left Pier 90 Thursday night, 6/20, took on fuel and headed north for the Bering Sea at 02:00 Friday morning, June 21st. They dropped off supplies in Dutch Harbor on June 26th and then headed out to the grounds. Good fishing to you, G/A!!!!

Paychex Online


Don't forget: You can sign on to Paychex and make changes or access your paystubs and W-2s any time!