Trip 8


The Golden Alaska should be in Dutch Harbor on Sunday, March 24, to offload Trip 8. They'll just do about another half a trip after that. They should be home around April 5th!

March Draws


March Draws will include Trips 5, 6, 7 and 8, minus the usual taxes, seastores, child support, etc. The Draws should be in your accounts by Friday, 3/29/19.

2019 W-2s


W-2s are available on the PAYCHEX website. Most have been mailed out or sent to the vessel. If you have changed addresses in the past year please email MELINDAZ@GOLDENALASKA.COM.

Paychex Online


Don't forget: You can sign on to Paychex and make changes or access your paystubs and W-2s any time!